How To Build An 8×12 Shed In 10 Easy Steps Build an 8×12 garden shed in 10 easy steps using the plans avaliable on my website for .95.
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  1. What siding did you use? All 4'x8' siding I've researched, such as LP super siding 36 or78, specifically state installation needs to be on framing 16" on center if not using a sub material like OSB. Buckling will occur when 24" on center.

  2. Where I live anything on a poured concrete slab is considered a permanent structure and is taxable. So my only options for a base are wood or pavers and pavers are kind of a pain in the butt. Also when using a wood base don't forget your vapor barrier between the plywood and frame.

  3. Using 2×4's you should use 3 4×4's for skids underneath. It will be much stronger. You should also use pressure treated wood as well. The floor will get a lot of moister on it and it will rot out.

  4. Chap makes it clear at the start that this is a brief run through and a more in depth video is on his website. That said, this remains a very comprehensive and detailed description. Enough so that it almost puts me off attempting it at all. Kinda hoped it would be a lot easier 🙁

  5. I have a 20x50ft slab the previous homeowners had put in before I bought the house. After watching this, I may have found something to cover some of it up.

  6. Love this video. I need to build a hot water room around the plumbing under my treehouse and didn't want a concrete floor. This looks like I can maneuver what I need to around the all the pipes. Thank you so much! Treehouse Wise Woman

  7. i love your explanations thank you. do you have anything on how to build a garage with a loft on top i have a small space to build and want to build up 🙂

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