How To Build A Wooden Storage Shed Floor Video

This video shows you how to build a shed floor for your wooden storage shed from the gable roof shed plans on my website.

To see the rest of the videos in my how to build a shed series, and for a transcript of this video, go to my website and click on the video link.

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  1. My dad left behind a storage shed. He passed away in 2004. Im 30 and only starting to get into woodworking now. The shed hes built is really poor but its what i have for a woodshop with all the basic tools there. Its poor because the roof was seriously sagging years ago and we had to get that fixed by a friend. Too many crevices that arent flush allowing all sorts of bugs to crawl in and wasps to make small nests, spiders to make cobwebs. The flooring is built with like a thin 3/8 of an inch osb board which is shoddy. it has broken through near the doorway causing a large hole because its not strong enough to support a normal person and also because it has eroded from the weather. The hole had been left unattended. Only until a large rat made its way in the shed with traces of droppings did we get it patched up (poorly though). Also he did not set the shed on top of a large gravel bed which will allow moisture to wick up from the dirt and rot the bottom wood overtime lasting only 10-20 years from what i heard. He only leveled it on some concrete piers. The doorway scrapes on the concrete even though the door is level. And the gap is not flush on the head of the door or the sides. With my new found hobby in woodworking i really am eager to fix my dads mistakes. and right now im trying to figure out how to reinforce the flooring. Im reading books and watching tutorials on it. I really want to do this.

  2. Thank you for the great video! Have a question about the tie down. I could not tell in the video the tiedown you are using. What kind of tie down would you recommend to hold the base down? Thank you.

  3. I hate the fact that people used this mans compliment and comment section to ADVERTISE SHED COMPANIES then turn around and lie about it. Jus sayin.

  4. You should use blocking between the floor joist no matter how wide the shed or building you build. Once you put wait on the floor the joist will rack and the floor will sag.

  5. if you have a 10×16 foot wide shed and use 2×6 construction how many skids would you need. I was going to use 3 4×4 pressure treated lumber but can only find 6×6

  6. I would like to build a 20×20 shed, but the length of lumber locally is only 16ft. how can i build a well-built floor without lumber this long?

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