How to Build a Storage Shed in 4 Minutes 10' x 24' | BUILD IT

How to Build a Storage Shed in 4 Minutes 10' x 24' | BUILD IT

TIME LAPSE construction of a 10′ x 24′ storage shed displayed from start to finish. Asphalt roof and vinyl siding. Total time: 110 hours/12 days. Total cost: ,550. Built to last a minimum of 30 years. Off the ground to avoid snow and water. Will not rot or decay. Asphalt roof and high load capacity.

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1. Layout foundation using strings and batter boards. Dig holes for concrete piers and small rock for base. Use the pythagorean theorem to test strings are at 90 degree angles. Use plumb bob to center posts.
2. Use proper spacing and double up joists when necessary. Use proper sheathing 5/8″ for sub floor.
3. Frame walls, check diagonals for square and place a diagonal brace to avoid shifting. Frame opening of door 2 inches wider than the door itself.
4. Put in rafters with the proper birds mouth, braces, and spacing. Extend the rafters as necessary to avoid rain and snow from touching the base of the shed.
5. Sheath the roof with 1/2″ or 5/8″ depending on snow loads. Put on asphalt paper, flashing, caulk between flashing and shingles. Sheath the walls with 1/2″.
6. Install door with jamb and sloped threshold. Paint all necessary areas. Install wrap around molding.
7. Install vinyl siding. Install soffit to prevent animals from getting into the rafter area and protect facia from the weather.

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  1. Nice job>>> Never seen the rafters sit on top of the ridge pole, but it works !! You remind me of myself 20 yrs ago, I've built my whole life, sooo many additions, frames etc I did myself. When healthy and determined, Nothing stands in our way. Great your wife loves to help, she's a good woman! Then again, any woman who will spend time in Alaska woods with her man is a Great woman!! You both brought back so many great memories for me.TY. Now put it up for sale, about 4 times what you have into it with the land, and buy 30 acres and build another, on a river!! lol. Good Luck, God Bless , Stay safe Stay Healthy

  2. LOL the woodprix bots FYI Woodprix is stolen Woodworker blueprints you can get free with some looking around the internet

  3. I would imagine that most cities would require the shed to built to code if you were to run electrical.

  4. Would it be possible to add electrical to the shed? Would that be allowed by code with the shed just sitting on the ground? Free blueprints? Great!

  5. It's a duplex rental unit. I was living in one of the units at the time. Now it's rented out for a good price because each side has storage space.

  6. OSB has increased significantly in cost. If you buy everything new, you could go as high as $3,500. The idea is to buy discounted items or get a Home Depot credit card with a first time purchase discount of 15%.

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