How To Build A Shed – Part 7 – Shed Roof Framing

Chris from teaches you how to build a shed roof. All the steps to framing a roof for your storage shed are shown and described in detail in this video.

It includes:
Laying out the top plates for rafter locations
Setting the end rafters
Installing string to keep all the rafters in line with each other
Installing the intermediate rafters
Installing sub fascia
Installing roof sheeting

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20 Replies to “How To Build A Shed – Part 7 – Shed Roof Framing”

  1. HELP ME please!!!. I purchased a 30L travel trailer. I am redoing the roof and found out everything has been framed with 2×2 pieces. My goal was to build a pitched gable above the RV so I could have a loft inside. I was going to be using 2×6 can anyone give me recommendations on if I'm able to use 2×4 or 2×6 as my rafter since the wall framing is only 2×2. Idk what to do please help

  2. I guess you haven't learned that 8d or 16d means 8&16 penny respectively. My father taught me this 65 years ago.

  3. Would've been a perfect video if you would have mentioned the spacing in inches between the rafters? I'm guessing it's 16 inches on center just like framing. But I came to see this video for that exact detail. Great information, just missing that one important point.

  4. Are those rafters strong enough to use plywood in the middle? I tried putting 2*4 at the middle but it would not hold my weight when i got on them.

  5. Great series of videos. I am building a 9' x 13' (yes, odd size) shed. You do not use collar ties or ceiling joists/rafter tie. Are you concerned about the walls bowing without these ties or is your structure size too small? I am hoping to avoid both for my build so I can keep it as open as possible. It does not snow here so no concern of that load. I am doing a 4/12 or 5/12 pitch. Shed walls 7' 7". Would you recommend collar or rafter ties for a 9×13? Or maybe just in the middle? Thanks

  6. I have a 10 x16 foot shed about to build today the rafters today. I was going to do 16 inch on center. also going with a metal roof over osb board. would 24 inch on center be adequate support? I am going with a lower pitch as possible. can you lay the osb parallel to the rafter joist or do you need to run it perpendicular as you do in this video?

  7. Holy crap, I've watched this video like 10 times and I've never noticed that beautiful mountain view in the background while he's installing the roof sheeting. So awesome!!

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