How To Build A Shed – Part 2 The Walls shows you how to construct and erect the walls on the DIY shed project. Part 2 of the series.

Here is a link to nailer used in video:

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  1. which screw size have you used to attach the panels to the floor? and the screw size for tying up the panel corners?

  2. A couple of quick questions please (I'm a total amateur at carpentry): 1) You stated you had gone 4 inches over to keep out elements, but on the other side you said you were going for and a 1/2 inches to compensate. Why the extra half inch?

    2) When you measured the complete length of the other side you said 95 inches. Wouldn't that leave you an inch shy of 8ft not fully covering the outside 2X4(?)?

    3) Just so I know for sure, that's a circular saw you're cutting outside edges with right? (told you I'm a noob)

    Awesome videos. Will go back and watch wall framing as well.

  3. How much would you charge for that shed if you built it for someone? Also, how much did the materials cost?

  4. don't think that squaring the wall with the plywood sheet tacked in the four corners is best, do you? better to square the 2×4 framing before the plywood is attached? don't you think it is the plywood that holds it square??

  5. Are there any plans or a list of board lengths for this shed? You kinda lost me when you said you'd cut the wall studs to length, what was the length?

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