How To Build A Shed – Part 2 Floor Framing

Chris from teaches you how to build the framing for a storage shed floor. This video describes the steps to building a shed floor using floor joists and rim joists. It describes the process using 5 steps. 1 How To Layout The Rim Boards, 2 How To Set The Rim Joists and Floor Joists, 3 Nailing The Rim Joists To The Floor Joists, 4 Attach The Floor Framing To The Foundation Rails, 5 Squaring The Floor Joist Framing.

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  1. TERMITES are in abundance in GEORGIA. I do not recommend placing shed on floor. what is the next best recommended solution per iCreatables?
    Last shed I set up I used "multiple" cinder block (2 high) and even poured concrete in the two cells to set up before I built shed on top . I had to extend the ramp on front a bit as it was high. But I was able to spray the entire bottom for termites and pests when needed to keep them out. Plus air flow kept it dry underneath.

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  4. I built a generator shed a few years back using your plans. I'm not carpenter or craftsman, I'm just a regular home owner trying to save money.
    I'm back again looking at building a garden shed for my wife… Damn generator shed! it, came out perfectly and now people think I know what I'm doing.
    If you can read and follow drawings the step by step instruction can turn anyone into Tool man Tim.


  5. I'd love to share with you my playhouse for that I created after watching you teach me the basics. How would I show you some photos?

  6. Great video content! Forgive me for the intrusion, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you heard about – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (probably on Google)? It is a smashing one of a kind guide for building better sheds and woodworking minus the hard work. Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my best friend Jordan after many years got excellent results with it.

  7. Nice video, but I notice a small error. At 1:05, you say "continue making marks every sixteen and three quarters inches…" If you did that, they'd be 16 3/4" O.C., not 16" OC.

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