How to Build a Shed – How to frame a shed Floor

How to frame a shed Floor – 12×16 Shed Woodshop

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Circular Saw –
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Tape Measure –
Speed Square –
Combination Square –
Cordless Drill –
Cordless Impact Driver –
Countersink Drill Bits –
Clamps –
Air Compressor –
Framing Nail Gun –
Roofing Nail Gun –
Roofing / Siding nails –
3″ Framing Nails –


Nikon D5500 –
Action Cam –
Microphone –
Shop Tripod –
GorillaPod –
Lighting –

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20 Replies to “How to Build a Shed – How to frame a shed Floor”

  1. It’s amazing how people criticize the baby should get out and build their own floor for their shed More than adequate floor Great job buddy

  2. I see your exterior frame dimensions are multiples of 4 feet, so 4×8 sheeting? But might it make sense to make the exterior dimension 1 inch short along one length so 1/2 inch sheet can overlap at the corner?

  3. Any chance I could get a copy of the specs/material list used to build this the way that you did? I want to do the same exact build!

  4. Damn, you are horrible with a nailer. Too many nails and you missed a fuck ton of them. Also, you have no support on the outside edges of the flooring so get ready for it to bend and bow over time. Terrible job.

  5. Caution in using too many nails in each of the floor joists… Looks like you used 6 or 7 nails! Structural integrity actually lessens if you've used too many nails.

  6. Sandro, love the build. However, when I went to your site the lnks to the build plans were broken. I'd like a copy of your plan; how do we do that? Thanks!

  7. how did you like that roofing nail gun? i saw you banging down nails and just wanted your opinion of the tool. thanks and solid video.

  8. Guys I am beginner in woodworking and i found a website named
    WoodBlueprints. Com and i learn a lots of shed plans at their. i also recommend this website to all you guys

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