How to Build a Shed Foundation

Learn how to build a level shed floor foundation that’s sturdy and protected from moisture. Get detailed shed foundation plans here:

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20 Replies to “How to Build a Shed Foundation”

  1. 2100k shed DIY, 2800k for professional installation, extra 600.0 for paint.. painting yourself would cost 1/10 of that price

  2. I was told yesterday by a lowes representative, when they come to install the shed, they don't do anything to the floor. What about my foundation. and why is it so expensive for them to paint the shed?

  3. I like "build the frame according to the instructions…" I thought this was supposed to be the instructions?

  4. I thought I could do this myself, I don't have to time to learn building codes. And my wife wants a tree house too? Why did she marry a computer geek again?

  5. Common mistake: Posts shouldn't be directly in holes. Should be on top of pillars. Direct contact with environment eventually cause roten and decay.

  6. What an ODD way to make a foundation mounting! The pressure-impregnated cut-off post IN the ground can absorb water, freeze then split making the whole thing 'rocky', here In europe we use precast concrete round or square/tapered fundament blocks that have galvanised steel hardware and threaded adjusters with iether "L" or "U" fixings for a stable, stormproof footing.

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