How To Build A Shed Door

How To Build A Shed Door This video will show you how to build the door for your garden storage shed from the shed plans available on my website. To see the rest of my shed building videos or to buy these plans go to
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  1. Should be no difference between gabel end or side end door. You need to place a sandwich of two boards, 2×8 and 1/2 plywood in the middle, as a header above the door frame. Otherwise, the roof may collapse.

  2. Omg this was overkill. Just frame out a rough opening for your door, then build it with 2×4's and cover it with a exterior grade panel. Install the hinges, stop plate and door handle. Done!

  3. All I have is a hammer, some nails, a hand saw, a couple pencils and a ruler like in the old, old days. I'm afraid I won't be able to do this.

  4. You should really evaluate your teaching techniques. What I see is all that you are doing is talking, and not showing how it is done. In my opinion, most people who are interested in this type of a video are not engineers. That is how your are talking and attempting to teach, is if you are an engineer. Not very useful to me.

  5. Nice video.  Easier alternate to cutting out the door:  Once the door frame is nailed/screwed to the siding, use a long 1/8" drill bit and drill four holes from the frame side outward (drilling between the 2x4s so you need a long bit). Each hole is dead center of the corners to be cut. On the outer side draw lines between these holes and cut along these lines to cut the door out.  Add trim afterwards so you can flush them to the cut lines.  WAY to much measuring and chalk lines for a novice to get right.

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