How To Build A Shed By Yourself DIY

Building a shed by yourself. How to build and make your own garden shed man cave tiny house by yourself diy. This is how I built my 8 x 12 shed by myself just using regular materials. Pallets may be cheap but this will last. I built this shed in 4 short days. I used steel roofing and siding for low maintenance. You could build this as a pole barn too and make it permanent. I chose to put it on skids so I can move it if necessary down the road if I want to have it in a different location. I did a 8/12 pitch roof to give more room for storing stuff in the attic. You could easily go bigger if you wanted and live in it for a tiny house if it was insulated well. here you can find the Dewalt Cordless Framing Nailer if you decide you gotta have one. 🙂 here you can find some great Milwaukee 18v tool kits. If you don’t have any tools these make the job easier. here is where you can find this shears for your drill. Its a great tool to have if you do much with steel at all. here you can find that 3 in1 lube for the nailer if you need it.

Here’s roughly what I came up with for lumber List that I used.
65 – 2x4x8 wall studs, trusses, roof nailers etc
7 – 2x6x8 treated for floor joists
2 – 4x6x12 treated support beams for floor.
3 – 3/4 plywood treated for floor.
Also some small plywood scraps for the gussets on the trusses.

I would recommend measuring up your roof and siding after you are framed up so you can figure it closer.

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20 Replies to “How To Build A Shed By Yourself DIY”

  1. Thanks for your video…just a little difficult to flip through a construction work or builder’s jargon thesaurus trying to figure out some of the words and statements you used to describe things “catching the peak” “16 instead of 18”…..”single top plate”?…dude keep in mind alot of us who are watching this video are babies to this stuff….Your explanation and video content appears to NOT be novice/beginner friendly in explaining everything you are doing in simple to understand jargon….or else you will make the babies cry…now hear me wimper & wail! ”waaaaahh”…”waaaahhhhhh” ☹️☹️🙁😢😢😭😭😭 lol! 😏🤣😂😅
    Good video though, just want to understand everything so I can do it correctly with no confusion…luckily I can figure out what you were saying based on the visuals as you completed the shed….so this thing is sitting level on piles of rocks??!!🤔🧐

  2. Absolutely great video!! Never built any type of structure before, but you inspired me to try. Did you buy the plans for the shed, if so could you share where you got them or did you just come up with it on your own?? Again, great video, well spoken, clear and to the point. Great job.

  3. I swear to God, before this video, the thought of making trusses had me nervous. I never would have thought to use the floor as a representation of the top of all the walls so you can see where cuts need to me made…..

    ……now to learn how to figure out roof pitch 🤔

    Question: Could you have used connector plates instead of wood gussets?

  4. I do not understand WHY americans always put in the door so it open inwards ….. if you have a small room it takes alot of space and it makes the room feel even smaller ..

  5. No 3 minute intro or 5 minute ride through the neighborhood while playing stupid music that wastes our data and time-your video gets directly to the point and no nonsense-

  6. Anybody who's building this shed. Your trusses should be at least an inch wider to account for sheeting the walls assuming your using 1/2 inch osb instead of metal like this. Just a tip.

  7. I feel like it would have been a better idea to have the door open outwards. That is a huge door and it looked like it ate up a lot of room opening inwards. Not sure exactly what you need space for but that door is a monster.

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