How to Build a Pole Barn Pt 1 – Site Prep & Layout

This is the first in a series on how to build a pole barn or pole garage. This video shows how to lay out the site, how to square the building, and how to mark the location of the holes.

For a complete materials list, plans, and a very cool 3D Sketchup model of this project click the link below.

Pole Barn Plans and Materials

At the bottom of that page there’s a link that will take you to where you can download this information.

You can get a free version of Trimble Sketchup here:
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20 Replies to “How to Build a Pole Barn Pt 1 – Site Prep & Layout”

  1. What a great start to this series I cant wait to watch the rest. we have 5 small pole barns to build. What is the name/brand of that "laser level" thing you were using at the end?

  2. My Man, you are awesome. I have land in Northern California and land in Hawaii. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and want to build a small home and garage on both properties. A place to get away from the urban life. I bought these raw land properties to have a place to be with nature and just get away from the city. Pretty much both are off-the-grid. I don`t have much money to spend since I`m retired. I like how you explain everything and after viewing your video, I am sure I can do this. God Bless and keep it up.

  3. Can you tell me more about the laser lever used and how to set it up?
    I understand measure off grade. Just curious how you set up the laser to give you the readings

  4. ”pepe amazing plan” ( ), is definitely a comprehensive Shed plans book! By making use of this plan, I had been able to utilize words, drawings, real pictures and various diagrams. It`s really an informative product. I`m currently creating furniture along with my sibling and thanks to this product, I feel like helping him is possible.

  5. I dig pools for a living and find myself using some of your methods, when I’m laying out a pool I like to use rebar instead of stakes because they’re smaller in diameter, also those soft tape measures your using will slip right over the top of the rebar. Or if you need the stakes for height, center a screw in it, and it’ll be tighter!

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