How To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 8 – Double Door Build

Learn how to build and install a double door for your storage shed. This video shows you:
How to build the left and right shed doors
How to hang a shed door
How to install gate hinges

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20 Replies to “How To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 8 – Double Door Build”

  1. Can I get what was the r.o. Opening that these went into to so I know what measurements to do, if that makes sense! R.O. Opening and what size you made the doors?

  2. What are the dimensions of the doors? Is there a downloadable pdf file with the instructions for this ?

  3. Used this technique, but had problems. Interior panel bowed, pulling the center rail inward. The doors are not meeting squarely at the center so I can not install the lock I wanted to use. When I rebuild I will build a proper interior frame that will force the panels flat instead of the panels forcing the "frame" out of alignment.

  4. "Remember, always use exterior polymer coated FLAT HEAD screws for all attachments"…as it zooms to close up of torx screw.

  5. OMG, watching this mans techniques, I literally built a 10×12 Lean shed with 2 windows, the only thing I have to do is construct 2 doors now…it cost me about $1,200 so far, but I was able to get all my yard stuff in it during the winter without the use of covering it with tarps, I only used the tarp for where the opening of where the door will be installed…I Thank you brother , Peace and Blessings to you…God is Good.

  6. This is the type of shed the previous owners built on my home. Only problem is they built a sliding door that rotted out. Wish they would hVe seen your video first. The anterior wall is rotting away so I can rebuild it and with a door like this I can utilize the space with ease! Thank you so much for sharing. I will defiantly check out your other videos!

  7. All in all a great shed but why put the slope of the roof towards the front on a freestanding shed? When rain or snow comes, all will pour down in front of the doors

  8. So…my plans call for 2 doors 30"x80". My rough opening is 62.5"W x 82.5"H.

    I'm confused about the size of the overhang on the hinge sides. Won't the overlap be too much to open the doors?

    I'm guessing my secondary door will have the same width outer plywood as the 30"x80" 2×4 frame and shifted over to the hinge side by 1.25" and then + 2.5" bigger on the height for 1.25" overhang top and bottom. Right?

    And then the primary door will have the 30"x80" 2×4 frame (same as the other one) with the outer plywood center overhang of 1.5" and hinge side overhang of 1.25" and then the 82.5" height for a 1.25" overhang on the upper and lower ends. Right?

    How does that not hang up on the hinge side?

    Your videos are fantastic, by the way! Thank you.

  9. thanks a lot, this helps a ton if you have crappy kids and you don't want to deal with them, works even better on a hot day you just screw the doors shut and won't have to deal with them all day or maybe a week.

  10. In video 5 we're told, "the door trim is installed flush with the edge of the siding that is held back 1" from the door opening framing", yet in this video the side and top overhangs are 1 1/4". Did I miss something?

  11. Wouldn't it be easier to mount the hinge straps on the doors first (before placing the doors in the opening and adjusting the reveals) and then secure the hinge tails to the side casings?

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