How To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 5 – Roof Framing

Learn how to a lean to shed roof. This is the 5th video in our How To Build A Lean To Shed series. This video teaches you how to:
-Install lean to shed roof rafters.
-Install roof fascia boards.
-Install roof sheeting.

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20 Replies to “How To Build A Lean To Shed – Part 5 – Roof Framing”

  1. These videos have been really helpful.Thank you! But I've got a question – I get how to use the square to line up the fascia in the front, or lower side. But I'm confused about the back. If the rafters are cut so the ends are perpendicular to the ground, when you attach the fascia, it will not be in line with the top of the rafter, which means it won't be flush with the roof sheeting. How do you deal with the gap that results? It seems like that gap is going to affect nailing down both the roof sheeting and the trim on that side. Thanks for your help!

  2. How do you kno the measurements or how to cut that piece on the stud that sits in on studs for the roof

  3. Thanks for the great video. Soon I will be starting a 8' long x 6" deep shed. Do you see any problem with the front wall being the taller wall?

  4. Waferboard on the roof of shed isn't my first choice. Can I build a frame with a small miter top plate , set it on my beam at front of shed and top plate at back and avoid birds mouth cut for rafters

  5. I'm pretty sure the high end of the roof should be in the front so that any rain or snow will drain to the low side. This could be a problem when you open the door. Other than that it's a good video.

  6. I am really really impressed with these videos. They are very well documented with comprehensive instructions. Looking forward to building my shed with your guidance. I have cedar board siding, so I will have to look elsewhere to learn how to put framing on the corners. Any recommendations?

  7. Just curious about the height of the front wall compared to the rear. How much lower should the rear be? Seems to be a foot

  8. wow, your plumb cut in the birds-mouth cut on the back wall was way off, was it the cut or the wall that far off?

  9. wow, your plumb cut in the birds-mouth cut on the back wall was way off, was it the cut or the wall that far off?

  10. I also drove a nail straight down the top of the rafter ends into the top plates.  I used a straightedge with pencil to mark the area of the end siding sheets that needed to be cut at the proper angle at 6:00 in the video – only cut this off after you install the sheeting on the roof not as seen in this video . (the installer makes the correction in the next video see video 6)

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