How To Build a Lean To Shed – Part 2 – Wall Framing

In this video we teach you the steps to framing the walls for a lean to shed.
Learn how to:
-Lay out walls on the shed floor
-Cut the wall plates and set on the floor
-Crown the wall plates and layout the wall stud locations
-Nail the plates to the wall studs to frame the shed walls
-Build door and window headers
-Build door and window openings in a framed wall
-Stand and assemble the shed walls
-Install the wall top plates

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20 Replies to “How To Build a Lean To Shed – Part 2 – Wall Framing”

  1. "Here you will learn about the steps to laying out and building SHIT walls" lol this is a the best video I found yet but I couldn't stop laughing at the beginning. I know he said SHED

  2. Good Morning

    Could you help me with wood frame design, I want to build my own home with woodframe structure, but here in brazil there is not much knowledge, especially in the workmanship, if you can help thanks.

  3. Just what I needed today. I'm ready to go to the next stage of my own project. Thanks so much. I have 'subscribed' for the future!

  4. hey mate do you by any chance remember the height of your front and back wall frame? =] would be much greatful. looks like a perfect height for me !

  5. good video, but you forgot to add how to square a wall from up (measuring diagonal to diagonal and you didnt show to put cross braces on the frames before nailing the double top plates on

  6. These are some of the better tutorials i've seen for small building projects. I'll be ordering my plans for the spring soon. Thanks!

  7.  ok – so by this method, the distance between the Center of the first stud at the end of the plate and the Center of the second stud is actually 15 1/4 inches – not 16; although you marked the edge of the second stud at 3/4 in past 16 – you put the "X" on the inside of the mark – toward the first stud.  Since the center of the first stud is actually 3/4 of an inch from the end (1/2 of 1.5 inches) – the distance "OC" becomes 15 1/4 . . .  right?  all the rest of the studs will be 16 OC – but not the first and second.  Is this right?  IF you set your tape at the end of the plate  – shouldn't you mark at line at 16" then "X"  'away' from the first stud or 'outside' of the line?  Then you have 16 OC.  . . Or what am I missing here?     Thanks – (posted same comment at: "Framing And Building A Wood Stud Wall")

  8. These walls are solid.  I could live in my shed.  Sounds silly but this thing would make a great and I mean a great hunters shed.  It stands like a rock – I could not pull it over push it over – no way.

  9. Best videos on shed building on youtube…by far the best. thanks and I like the plans I purchased.  If I ever need to build another type of shed I will look you up first.

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