How to Build a Lean To – Framing and Adding Siding (Part 1)

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Things I used:
Triton Hammer Drill:
Triton Circular Saw:
Framing Nailer:
Wedge Anchors: (I bought a box of 10)
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20 Replies to “How to Build a Lean To – Framing and Adding Siding (Part 1)”

  1. What further impressed me about April as I seen the video where she built a whole carport for family very very impressive

  2. Very impressed by this young lady she has a lot of talent she would make a good hand I've said it before good future ahead of her

  3. Anytime you have a trouble area like the wall by stair case build it set it first and side it as well but of course now you know that , always problem areas get done right away

  4. You're hired!!!! OMG!!! You're self-trained?! WOW!!! I am blown away!!!! You are amazing!!! And I can't believe that you did all that in one go!! I am excited to see your next video (part two), YOU ROCK!!!!!!

  5. A beautiful woman that like building things and wears "Pink Floyd" shirt! What's not to like! Nicely done on your project!

  6. Question…..what area of the country do you live in? Where I live connecting a slab lean too to the house may not be a great idea. The house is on a foundation below the frost line and doesnโ€™t move seasonally…… however something built on a slab is going to rise and fall with the ground freezing and thawing.

  7. 4 years late with my comment. You did a better job than most men I work with that's been doing carpenter work all there life. Good job. And about the miss measurement, and should have put the wall in first, and the other should have. We all do that.

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