How to build a HUGE shed on a Budget!

Our stylish shed is complete and we’re super happy about the finished product. Here’s how we built this gorgeous shed on a budget!



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20 Replies to “How to build a HUGE shed on a Budget!”

  1. Kudos for the video content! Sorry for the intrusion, I am interested in your opinion. Have you heard about – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (google it)? It is a great one of a kind product for building better sheds and woodworking without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my friend after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.

  2. First video I've seen of you two! Nice shed. I am thinking of building one of the same size & style. Did you contracting buddy have plans he went off or did you simply tell him "10×20" , "9 feet tall" etc..? If you have plans he wen't off please share! Thanks again.

  3. Nice storage shed guys,,i build my own pub shed ,had a little help not much,purchase my material from home Depot & Lowe's..

  4. I was disappointed to not find good tips for building the actual shed, such as how to buy cheaper materials, or techniques for reducing scrap material. You paid retail price for materials and paid someone to build it. (with exception of the window)

    Glad to see you do have lots of friends and family who support you though.

  5. I found a guy on Facebook marketplace he built 8×12 shed with concrete floor for $2800 total I'm in Phoenix. I saw what he had for materials I don't think it was more then $350 in wood. Tough Shed is ridiculously priced.

  6. We just had a Colorbond Steel shed built the size of a 3 Car Garage but it’s used as a 2 car garage as I have my business workspace + Display Area in the part that has no roller door + it’s on a concrete slab and all areas are open and the 2 spaces that have the doors we have one you pull up and one is automatic. We paid $17600 AUD yes we could’ve had it done cheaper but my hubby just wanted it done as they said a month to start but didn’t start until 3mths later and I was furious as we paid in full the day we made the plans we couldn’t get a full refund We could only get $8000 back as they said that the shed structure was already so we told them to just go ahead then we found out by a friend that it wasn’t and that no ones shed is built in sections anymore. But have not been able to use it this past week due The the mechanism on the electric roller door and the way the guys cut the hole for the door isn’t matching up, this is the second time it’s happened in the 5wks we’ve been able to use it..l so definitely not happy

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