How to build a car shed Part 2


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  1. Thanks for the video! Are you still planning on posting your plans for the shed?? I really like how moveable it is.

  2. Lovely setup of the house behind the ''rock cliff''. I'm planning to build the shed/light garage construction for 2 cars this summer, I hope its going to be at least 50% neat as yours 🙂 Greetings

  3. Having help is also a safety issue. Besides one person must always be boss. Braces might have been a good idea before crawling up on the roof. As a 74 year old journeyman I would never turn down good help or miss a chance to socialize with friends. Anyhow, looks like you got a good cover for your lady’s car. Well done.

  4. Great project. How much snow load do you get? Why don’t you invite friends to give you a hand. Project like this is made for friends and picnics.

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