How to build a car shed PART 1


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8 Replies to “How to build a car shed PART 1”

  1. Always putting out great content !! You're doing an amazing job with your Youtube Channel, so happy about that !!

  2. Gilbert….you said we all make mistakes….well!!!! I guaranty you one thing…I bet you I make a lot more than you do….this is a masterpiece and you should have never told us of that small mistake…..that`s how I do it…that`s a nice project….you have to film it when you move it….should be very interesting….should be around at the end of June….will be in contact….CHEERS

  3. Loved seeing the R on the vid! Beautiful work ! I know I ve already said it but I really like the way you edit your vids! Now to convince jp to make me the same shed for my pathfinder! Perfect for the Green Machine!

  4. Super exellent job Gilbert. Only I don't understand… you said in your video, this will be for your wife car. Now I see your tractor inside…. 😊😀😀

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