How to Build a Base Cabinet with Drawers | DIY Shop Storage

The perfect project to add garage / shop storage, I show you how to build a base cabinet with drawers. This DIY base cabinet will take organization in your workshop to the next level BLOG:

BUILD PLANS with cut list and step by step instructions:

Thank you to Kreg Tool for sponsoring this video! –

Tools/Supplies Used (affiliate):

Kreg Conceled Hinge Jig –
Kreg Accu-Cut –
Kreg Drawer Slide Jig –
Kreg Cabinet Hardware jig –
Kreg K4 Pocket Hole jig –
Kreg R3 Handheld Pocket Jig-
Kreg Deep Face Clamp –
Kreg Right Angle Clamp –
Kreg 1.25″ Screws –
KREG 4′ top track –
Kreg adeisive tape measure –
Kreg Swing Stop –
Kreg Stop Block –
22” Drawer Slides –
110 deg euro hinge –
Flush cut saw –
Parallel Clamps –
Table Saw –
Trim router –
18ga brad nailer –
Glue bottle –
Random Orbital Sander –
Respirator –
Water Based Polyurethane –
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20 Replies to “How to Build a Base Cabinet with Drawers | DIY Shop Storage”

  1. Thanks, this is exactly what I'm looking for. My small workshop is almost done. It's 16X26 with 10ft ceiling. Next step is building all my cabinets and work tables. I can't wait. I have a small 16X16 studio above, with a 10X16 patio. This plan would also work for the small kitchenette upstairs as well. Thanks!

  2. Great video with helpful tips!
    Question….any idea why slides need to be recessed 1/8 from front of cabinet. I know instructions show it but I can’t understand why? Seems like flush mount would work just as well and would look better. Any idea why?

  3. Brad, outstanding video and project.  Your attention to detail really resonates with me.  I appreciate quality and your projects always  turn out fantastic!  Thanks for posting!!

  4. Hi Brad, I enjoyed watching your base cabinets with the doors in the sides and the drawers in the center I have a thought about the t nuts and the carriage bolt that's being used as leveling legs we put the leveling legs directly on concrete over time you could get corrosion and I have a solution for that problem that you might want to try instead of using the round head carriage bolt use a flat head bolt sand off all the information that's printed on the top get a small amount of self-adhesive rubber cut it to size to fit the bolt and then stick it to the bowl now when you put your cabinet up your base unit isn't going to be sitting directly on the concrete to cause gallivanting corrosion.

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