How to Build a Back Yard Lean To Storage Shed

This video shows the construction of our most popular lean to shed, from picking up the materials to installing the roofing. Included in the video are pictures of every step of the shed building process like laying the foundation, building the shed floor, building the walls, building the roof and installing the roof shingles.
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9 Replies to “How to Build a Back Yard Lean To Storage Shed”

  1. Why would anyone slope the roof to the door? Hahaha I wonder if you realized what you did the first rain…

  2. That was a great video. It really saved me. I am building an Icreatable lean to shed also. I had just build all the walls and realized that the back wall was way higher than the others. I figured I must have goofed reading the plans. Your video showed me that I am right on course. Their plans are very vague about the double top plate. I can see from your video that I need a double top plate for all walls. Thanks

  3. This unique identifying feature of a shed is very exemplary! Through this pretty good design, it will really give me the strong encouragement to build one for myself. Allow me to thank you for sharing this video!

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