How to build a 12×20 shed: Pt1

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20 Replies to “How to build a 12×20 shed: Pt1”

  1. I built my 12×16 ft shed with double lofts by myself. I thought it kind of fun to start with until the old lady started nagging me about a finish deadline. Worked on it in my spare time and it took about six weeks to acually finish it. Lol

  2. I'm taking bets on whether a heavy snow or heavy winds will take that shed out of action. A smart man will bet that the mice nesting in the floor insulation or the mildew will ruin the floor first.

  3. Safety not a concern, nailing in trusses while standing on a 2×4 wall, no ladders, levels, braces used, trusses sitting on edge, sorry but I wouldn't use their build technique as a guideline.

  4. I think they worked hard and the product is probably fine. That said, I would like wall studs at 16" on center they looked like they were building them 24" on center. I would build the roof trusses using plywood gussets on both sides of the truss (except the end trusses, they get just one side with gussets). I prefer a better floor sheathing than that OSB stuff.

  5. They definitely worked pretty hard. don't know why anyone thinks it's not. however, they made plenty of building mistakes and bad practices! seems pretty inexperienced. even so decent job. They just need some pointers from a veteran. I'm inexperienced myself so a pro must be cringing lmao. good thing it's just a shed.

  6. These guys are really good. Super efficient and you won’t believe how heavy one of those walls can be and if it’s windy, oh boy, if not braced quickly one of those walls could literally kill you.

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