How To Build A 10×12 Tall Barn Style Shed With Loft

How To Build A 10x12 Tall Barn Style Shed With Loft This is an overall video of the 10 steps to build a 10×12 tall barn style shed using the plans available on my website. For more details and to see all of my shed building videos visit my video page at
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  1. So many folks always have to insult others. The folks insulting this video, are just assholes and total losers.

  2. where i live any shed over 120 sq ft needs wet stamped plans to get a permit. are they available from you and what do they cost?

  3. #CheapShedsDotCom You can buy the hinge online. There is a link on my website at . The hinges are offered in a variety of lengths and thicknesses. This type hinge is far superior to the average strap hinge available in the hardware store. Since I started using them 15 years ago my door related service calls dropped by 95%. @jake2000

  4. 6:20 my biggest issue here is that this violates a whole lot of basic safety rules when it comes to 2nd story floor support. The floor should not be screwed to the sides of the wall 2×4's. There is no support to keep the screws (which most people will try to use) from sheering off if they put too much weight in the loft. Their is 2 options to fix this. 1) add 2×4's to the wall, to support each floor joist (and screw them into each wall 2×4) for it to sit on, or at a bare minimum, the 2nd story floor should be on top of the top wall plate. Doing this means that the roof trusses will have to bolted to that floor and the wall sides will be raised up that 3 1/2-6" (depending on the boards). I know that this will mess up the height of the standard wall sheeting, but that could be fixed by ripping screwing 6"-8" of sheeting on the outside, under the eave. Overall I do like the plans as a general outline, but I am going to do these modifications.

  5. 2 questions….ive been looking at your website and not sure if you have it listed and im missing it or if its not there… you have an option for a 14×24 foot shed? and do your plans include a materials list for the size you choose so you can get a price list and over all cost to build???

  6. What wood did you use for the outside of the Shed? ( The wood that looks like it was already painted? )

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