Hand Drawn Floor Plans Approved!!! We got our permit!

I know what it costs to have an architect draw up a set of plans and I also knew that I could do it. So I did! With a pencil, eraser and graph paper and I got our building permit using those plans… Follow us on o Off Grid Home build over the next four months by subscribing

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20 Replies to “Hand Drawn Floor Plans Approved!!! We got our permit!”

  1. @Red Poppy Ranch Does your city require an engineer's stamp on structural drawings? If so, how did you deal with this?

  2. Oh this was relieving to watch. We are getting ready to build a few tiny homes for nightly rentals and not sure where to begin on plans for permits.

  3. Could you do a video showing mor details on drawing the plans like finding the scale to finding the pitch?

  4. May I ask. So What does it takes for I want to draw everything by myself and start putting the work together?
    First. Those drawing is just dimension or the house top and side view? And in video he did say something about engineer stamp?
    So in the end we still need to go the engineer guy?
    I can draw the whole house like those drawing. Is that all to it? or I still need like how the beam is going through and the plumbing? Thanks in advance if anyone can help

  5. Just am now discovering your videos, these are great! I would like to draw and design myself to save money as well. Is there any resources you would recommend to consult to help in the drawing process or did you simply wing it? haha

  6. Congratulations on the approval! Amazing approved without the plans being redrawn and submitted, welcome to good rural living.
    San Diego County California and some places here in Phoenix will not accept drawings unless stamped by an engineer and they require they draw the plans themselves. San Diego County is a real stickler on how they want the submittal packet despite the hundreds of homes that were lost then (client forced submittal when I wanted to hold back and have reviewed by a Professor at the community college).
    I am chuckling as in your introduction video you stated came from the Southeast Phoenix, guessed Gilbert, and about that, was right?

  7. Back in the 90s you as the builder or h.o. could submit drawings for additions and remodels. As it should be.corruption stops that all

  8. Hey guys, your very first video popped up on my feed and I’ve binge watched up to this point. I love everything you’re doing and I can’t stop watching. Can’t wait to get through them all. Thanks

  9. thnx red; one comment – the outsource architect service – in most cases will have those beam sizes and truss engineering (the structural mathematics of) 'under belt'. comment #2 > its basically foolproof – enrolling in continued adult education course work @ the local community college. example: surveying I & II you will gain the skills and understanding to produce a reasonably accurate plat of survey for that off grid homestead, which, with a bit of extracirricular 'homework' maybe with that goal in mind, the survey coursework / trigonometry could be applied to the structural engineering of what else it is you want to gain from the overall project. thumbs the window wells, tar & moen hdwr.; the styro – concure; over the course of time , well worth the initial out of pocket expense. (the buildings lifetime)

  10. Love your videos but sometimes, like in this one, the music's too loud and I couldn't hear what you were saying. Great barn plan

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