Garbage Can Storage Shed – Oscar Assembly Video by Outdoor Living Today.mp4

The 6×3 Oscar Storage Shed is the perfect place to store unslightly garbage cans while at the same time keep pesky critters out. This step-by-step video will help you assemble Outdoor Living Today’s Oscar Storage Shed. The product can be found at Toll Free 1-888-658-1658

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  1. I'm an older with limited strength and was able to do it working alone. It’s Shed Plans [Go Here=> ] which were fully supported me in absence of other support to build my shed. I definitely recommend using this Thank you so much

  2. There are several tips for building sheds
    Start With a Sound Foundation a shed wont last long if it's set on a weak base
    Allow for Air Circulation to prevent damp
    Build a Weather-Resistant Floor Frame
    Use Low Maintenance Materials so you won't have to keep re-painting it
    (I learned these and the reasons they work from Adota blueprint pack website )

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