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Overlap Dip Treated Sheds

Now if you are thinking of buying a new shed, or just simply replacing one that has fallen down, then this new range is absolutely perfect. Now this one happens to be 8 by 6 feet but there is a great range in there, you can go from 4 by 3 up to 8 by 12. Now they are all overlap and they have all been dip treated, you can tell from this golden brown colour, but what it does mean is that you get a 10 year guarantee against rot. So each piece of cladding has been square cut so you have got lovely straight contemporary lines nothing, wavy going on here. But the great thing is the rainwater just drips down, runs off keeping everything nice and dry inside.
Now this size of the range has got two windows, but depending on the size that you choose in the new range it could have one it could have none, but any window you do get is made out of polycarbonate and that’s unbreakable. Now the helmets that astronauts wear, the visors on there are made out of the same stuff, so it’s durable, it is not brittle and it doesn’t get discoloured by the sun. Also they are fitted to the frame using one- way screws and that is important, it is fantastic security because once that is packed with all your gear, your lawnmowers and everything else there is quite a few quids worth in there. So you want to keep it safe, and you can not get those screws out.
Now covering the roof, and this is an Apex roof you can get Reverse Apex you can get Pent, but what is covering it is sand felt, top quality sand felt and that is vital because once everything is packed inside you want to keep it dry and that does the job perfectly.
Now holding the whole thing up pressure treated bearers, now that is important because these are the boys that are either in contact with the slabs, soil or whatever you put your shed on but they will hold it up for years. Inside solid sheet materials make up the floor and the roof, but I think the action bit is near the doors. Now this model has got two doors but you can get sizes with only one door and they can be hung on either side. All the doors are hung using these security hinges so when the doors are shut and padlocked nobody can get at those screws at all so everything is safe inside. The doors themselves they are so sturdy, they have got extra supports here in a Z type of shape, and that means that when wind does catch them or you ram into it with the mower it can stand up to anything. Plate hasp and staple latch adds even more security as the fixings are hidden when the latch is closed and fitted with a suitable padlock.
Once you get inside the shed you notice that you have actually got more head room so you have got more usable space. The frame of the shed inside is using sturdy wood it is robust this thing isn’t going anywhere. And outside you have got some nice little finishing touches, smooth planed barge boards, finial so you don’t see any of the joins. And of course you get all the fixtures and fittings and everything you need for two of you to put this up in a couple of hours.
So really if you want a shed, and everybody should, that is secure, that’s absolutely quality made this surely is the shed for you.

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  1. I built a new storage using Ryan's set of plans [Check Details Here⇒> ]. They were very resourceful, clear and detailed instructions with a list of materials that allows you to know what to use and what not to use. Thank you so much Ryan!

  2. I came here for information about this shed, needless to say I'm now informed and ready to click purchase safe in the knowledge that my lawn mower will be secure.

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