Five Ways How To Build A Shed Floor – Design and Construction Ideas Click on this link for more information about sheds, design and structural engineering videos. This video will provide you with five different methods you can use to frame or construct a shed floor. Try to avoid placing any lumber, even if it’s treated on top of or in the soil, to avoid wood rot and expensive repairs in the future.
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  1. Does raising it with concrete pier add into the height of the shed concerning regulations with the department of buildings?

  2. I don't agree with putting a 4×4 directly IN the ground as the support for the shed… That is a recipe for rotting and next thing you know your shed is tilted over… I would use concrete Handy Blocks and put in some treated 2×6's… Now your wood is OFF the ground

  3. If you was making more of a workshop shed I would personally put two courses of engineering bricks down with four air brick on second lay so the timber could breath.

  4. What about a slab of concrete for a floor? Or how about a surrounding footing with gravel in the middle for your floor?

  5. Most of the videos I see on YouTube build the foundation on wood posts that are anchored to the concrete footers. The posts are notched to support the floor beams. Is there any advantage to beams on posts vs. beams directly anchored to the concrete as you have in your last two examples?

  6. I want to build a kit shed for my office. I want it to last a very long time and I don't think I'm up to laying a concrete slab myself. I am concerned if I use beams that they will rot in 25 years. I want the shed close to the ground so the 4×4 beams will but slightly under the ground to resemble a concrete slab. I was thinking of replacing the wood 4×4 with steel i beams and mount them to concert pillars sunk about 3 feet. Is this overkill?

  7. there are more ways, concrete blocks, rock side walls, poured foundations an even more.
    Anything to keep the shed off the ground, but I'd suggest a crushed stone base that is compacted 6" and drainage. Everything depends on how big a shed and what its used for.
    And or how you will move into and out of with items,

  8. Great video, I have a different way of doing the most common method you described(first on the your list)and that is to build the base on patio pavers, first lay the pavers slightly oversized, flat then install the base on it, great way to stop rodents from building their homes under the shed and also it reduces or stops the base from rotting.

  9. I am building a 16×24 2story garage/barn it will be placed on a concrete slab that's been there for 34 years still nice N level N NO CRACKS !! I am putting down 4x6x24 runners every 4 foot then running my joist every 2 foot on the 16 foot width,, the floor will be insulated and the UNIT finished 1st N 2nd floors!! any advice as to the best way to install said runners and floor joist.. the pad is 24'10" X 24'7" .. any advice is very appreciated as I live a great distance from all the REPUTABLE BUILDERS thus getting Know how to info!! I've even offered to pay someone to get Building under roof with know luck.. THANK YOU N GOD BLESS

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