We walk you through another shed dealer, Lone Star, BUT this one includes a FINISHED “shed to house”

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  1. Just love this house at the end, wish the South African guys could build such nice little homes where I live

  2. I really appreciate y'all sharing this with us. I love your channel! I too will keep the debt free tiny home community living dream alive. Thanks again.

  3. I would have the kitchen area the bedroom, and have the kitchen on one side of the open area, the other side a livingroom.

  4. All the unit's are very nice, but the last finished unit, is very beautiful. I would prefer to lower the ceilings in the kitchen & bathroom maybe a 8-12", and put a sleeping loft above those two rooms, with the small triangle windows in the back, that are shown in the front. Really like the tin for the bathroom and kitchen ceilings, and the wood choices available.

  5. Corrugated metal ceilings in bath and kitchen means it will rain from the ceilings when boiling water,etc in the kitchen and when taking a hot shower in the bathroom. Not a good idea.

  6. Ours is Done ! SO Nice , Paided OFF
    1.1 Acre Urban Farm ( 6 LOT'S) ORCHARD,
    2 GARDENS , 20 mature Trees ,
    16 in. Deep Blk Dirt , a Creek starts on prop.
    For Sale as is where is -$ 30,000.00. Small Town. IOWA 641-856-7123 .

  7. Be great if you can get any of these salesmen to call you back. Customer service in Oklahoma sux! They get you hooked then never return your calls but yet they want to be a shed dealer ship.

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