Duramax 10.5×8 Woodbridge Vinyl shed with foundation kit installation

Here is a quick overview on the installation of our 10.5×8 Woodbridge shed.
If you need installation support or product questions, please contact us at: 1-800-483-4674 or via email: support@uspolymersinc.com
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  1. Hi Ryan, just want to thank you for your woodwork plans [ Check Details Here=>deam.design/9trw ]I have tried several other plans and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the easiest and most simple plans ever.

  2. Real talk, other than the chessy acting, this video was helpful. Shout out to Carlos, I hope u r still around.

  3. "And now we will have Carlos blow leaves into plastic bags or we will call ICE agents to report an illegal working in my country"

  4. I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [Check Details Here⇒>https://t.co/deqGRYccYv ]. The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost.

  5. really this is a waste of time. thought i might get a little help prior to starting on my shed. didn't really need a commercial. oh well!

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  7. The simplest way to build amazing outdoor shed is to take advantage of shed pro, no need to try and fail such as them before!

  8. Well done Carlos.. Yes, this is painfully cheesy indeed..! They must belong to 'over actors anonymous" 😣

  9. Thanks for the video.
    Also, I have some tips on home and garden, comprehensive designs and directions for wood working plans, specifically about garden shed

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