DIY Shed Project – 12×16

As a typical american, I decided I needed more space to store my junk. So this video depicts the building process of the exact building I had in mind.

If you have any questions about building process, materials or anything else, feel free to ask. Thanks for watching!

12 Replies to “DIY Shed Project – 12×16”

  1. You ever hear people talk and think "Yup this looks like the type of person who would vote for Trump LOL" that is this guy in the video haha

  2. Great looking shed. Looks like you used top quality shingles and cedar siding. I know you have an itemized break down below of materials. What did it cost you total in materials to build (minus concrete floor)?

  3. Do you have a materials list? I have the slab poured already and was simply needing a list. Wood only. I'm going to paint the sides

  4. Thanks! Yeah, its built like a garage and because of the 12/12 pitch, there is a lot of loft space for storage.

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