DIY PVC pipe and tarp shed, dry winter storage for ATVs,

DIY PVC pipe and tarp shed, dry winter storage for ATVs or lawn equipment, inexpensive construction, quick set up, shaped to shed snow, strong enough to withstand winter winds, I recycled a flat bed trailer, a 2×4 and ply wood base could be used, Harvey Spooner,

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  1. Hi Harvey I to have done a PVC Tarp Shed on one side of my shop look at my channel for my video and my updated video like you this is good way to have storage at a low price I have about $250.00 in mine I just put a new tarp on mine the first tarp was the cheap blue one and was there for over two years and to Hurricanes in south east Ga. there was one was just a few weeks ago Hurricane Michael I like what you have done Thanks

  2. I am a novice to woodwork, the only challenge I have with this package [Check Details Here⇒> ] is that I find it difficult to make a choice of the design to use since there are many of them there. However, I like the easy step to step instructions laid out there.

  3. Hay Harvey looks good question for you what are you going to do with your outtisee want to do some trading on it for the two dunnbugey I like we talked about the 250 has to be put back together the 150 I have put a new stator and pick up. Coil in and CDI box and a coil it's got plenty of compression still no fire so it's got to be a wire lett me know

  4. How's it been my brother… Sorry I haven't checked out your videos but my father is not doing so well. Great video by the way and thank you again Mr harvey🤙

  5. Looks great Harvey
    Have been getting my horde covered up too

    Built a 8' x 14' stick frame and plastic covered "greenhouse" style lean too on the side of my shop
    Just a dirt floor , so I am having extreme moisture problems , it is basically raining inside lol

    May have to put a gravel floor then a wood platform

  6. Very cool Harveyđź‘Ť I like the plan of possibly licensing the trailer if the city gives you crap about to many sheds

  7. Hey Harvey, So did you use scheduled 80 pvc pipe ? You know I bought a couple of ready made like these but the sides were really nice metal tube that was powder coated that had the tarps fit for each of the sides and they were pretty nice but they weren't arched enough so when we got more than 4" of snow you had to go and knock the snow off and then by spring the tarps were shot ! I put metal on them and that made all the difference in the world but the metal back then wase 300.00 per shed

  8. l like it, looks like a great setup, the only id add would be a ridge pole for the tarp center to rest on so it wont sag under the snow load,

  9. looks good. snow should slide right down eh..
    i reinforced mine with 2×4's structure. i look for the smaller 2×4's when they go on sale. even have a rool up tarp door with velcro. 🙂 lol i've even extended it longer. i got a littler hoopty for the my little fishing boat. the carport i can store stuff above like a loft…just nothing really heavy

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