DIY Garage Storage / Shelf / Workbench Solution

Today on Modern Builds I’m making the ultimate storage solution for your garage: shelves, plastic tubs, a closet, and a workbench! For plans and a detailed description be sure to follow the link below.

Part 2:

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Stuff I Used:
Screws and everything else are linked in article below.

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20 Replies to “DIY Garage Storage / Shelf / Workbench Solution”

  1. You need to paint that particle board, any type of moisture will cause it to expand. It works okay for shelves, but you are much better off using 3/4 plywood for the work bench. I would also have the work surface raised to a normal counter height, as well as, losing the one shelf above the workbench (unless you enjoy hitting your head). The general idea/plan is really good, but needs a little tweaking if you plan on really doing work on the bench.

  2. Watch your head. That shelf above the work bench is right at forehead height.

    A workbench that is counter height will be more comfortable to work at as you won’t be constantly bending over.

    However, both my comments would result in a more complicated and less symmetrical looking unit to build

  3. Great plans and video. I had to make several modifications due to size of garage and ceiling height, but turned out excellent. 8 Costco bins wide and added a plywood workbench area. Only recommendation for real world is the flat shelving pieces. That particle board isn't cheap, so I made do with what I had and some pieces didn't end on 2×4's. Solution was either to add perpendicular 2×4's in with pocket holes on back end or simply go parallel to existing supports. Added about 3 total supports. Looks awesome!

  4. shelves are unsafe, you need an under brace, which you could of built easy with a 2×4. Unless your using lag bolts like timberlok type bolts then yeah way too much for those screws. It's going to sag over time.

  5. I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [ Check Details Here?> ]. The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost

  6. Started building these shelves in my garage and realized you cut list is off. You have that I would need 29 2X4’s at 27”. However you actually need 32. Thanks for everything else. 😀

  7. Very sharp build. If you dont mind my asking, have you experienced any problems with the shelves? I only ask because it appears to put a lot of weight on screws.

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