DIY Building Lean Barn Shelter for Horses or Cattle
Building Lean Barn or Shelter: This is video we made of the family putting up a lean barn for horse and or cattle pasture shelter this year, the supply list is below to help anyone build one of these great leans. Check out a more movable version we also have built in the past “Lean Barn on Skids”

5lbs 3″ screws for treated wood
30 rafter clips, one nibbler saw
7 – 12′ white steel roof panels
7 – 8′ red steel side panels
8 – 10′ red steel side panels
4 bottom trim steel
6 J trim, 4 gable end steel
2-2″ by 10″ by 10’s
2-2″ by 10″ by 12’s
4-2″ by 10″ by 20’s
32-2″ by 4″ by 10’s
16-2″ by 6″ by 12’s
58-2″ by 8″ by 10’s
5-6″ by 6″ by 10’s
25 bags of concrete,
10 lbs steel panel screws
5 concrete anchors, rebar & sleeves
45 hurricane clips
20′ steel gutter and downspout
20′ foam strips to seal gables
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20 Replies to “DIY Building Lean Barn Shelter for Horses or Cattle”

  1. I've always tried to figure out how to build a shed for my kids. I tried several plans but always got stuck along the way. I'm glad I found this Ryan's shed plans [ Go Here >>> WoodBlueprints. Com ]. It has made the work become as easy and simple as I never thought it will be. Thank you Ryan!?

  2. Your voice reminds me of this one pilot I knew twenty years ago and I Like bubbles! What the fuckin eggs, bacon!?

  3. Wish you would have shown more about how you attached to the footing – I couldn't find information on using a plate with just a hole in the middle, which is how it looks.

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