Custom Tiny Shed Has Been Converted Into A Full-Functioning Home

Custom Tiny Shed Has Been Converted Into A Full-Functioning Home
Price ,000.00
Size: 560 sq ft 1 beds 1 baths
This custom built home features 560 (14×40) square feet of space!! 1 years old. 1 bedroom/1 bath. Ship-lap look from floor to ceiling! Living room features open, vaulted ceiling with ceiling fan making the home feel larger. Kitchen features custom built counter tops, large enough for a full size refrigerator, lots of storage and 3 windows to allow for natural lighting. Right above the kitchen is the front loft that is unfinished which allows for a clean slate to customize, large enough for a queen size bed with plenty of extra space around it. Walk down the hall way into the 5×8 restroom which includes custom shelving and custom corrugated metal shower. Includes working stack-able washer and dryer. Across from the restroom is a 5×3 closet with plenty of floor space for added storage. Walk into the 10X14 main bedroom, large enough to fit a king size bed and full dresser. The back window allows for so much natural light. Above the bedroom is the back loft, currently being used for climate controls storage but can easily be converted into a 2nd guest loft. (Doors were not installed in the house to allow for an open flow but can be easily added for more privacy) Walls are painted Heather Gray by Valspar and ceilings are white. Floors are Southern Gray Oak laminate by Pergo. All appliances included (except for fridge)

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20 Replies to “Custom Tiny Shed Has Been Converted Into A Full-Functioning Home”

  1. Bought this exact shed for a playhouse for my grandkids. Had it wired, AC and heated, insulated, all we have to do is paint and furnish. No plumbing or bathroom, the total cost was under $11,000.

  2. Can you buy this home completely finished? And can you purchase this home in Asheville NC?
    I've asked this question, but No one seems to have the answer.

  3. I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [ Check Details Here?> ]. The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost

  4. Wondering if this would be effective in solving the homeless crisis? Just an idea.Los Angeles and other major cities could look at this as such.

  5. I bought a repo 12 by 32 like this one I plan on doing the inside as I can afford it . it cost 5400.00 can install insulation and the paneling myself will have to hire a plumber and a electrician . living in my camper while I do this . these buildings have held up very well during our hurricanes down here which is what I like about them very well built

  6. except the unit itself ia 10k + 5k for outfitting into a house
    so the 50k price tag ya…. this things might be a fad but people are not that dumb

  7. I just found this shell shed in a local shed dealership for $5400; this lil house can be built for much less than 50k, but it all depends on budget and taste. This one is beautiful.

  8. I bought a 12 by 24 foot shed similar to this and when delivered one of our daughter's friends fell in love with it saying he could live in it. He got one himself, put it on his parent's property, and decked it out. That was 15 years ago. I't's been paid off for years, he's very happy with it and his girlfriend moved in with him.

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