Costco Oakridge 8 x 12 Storage Shed Full Timelapse

Costco Oakridge 8 x 12 Storage Shed Full Timelapse

My wife bought me this shed as a birthday present. It was really fun to put together. The original floor was OSB plywood, so I upgraded it to 3/4″ pressure treated panels and for the foundation I used treated 6×6 posts and 2×6 joists instead of the 2×4’s in the kit. Editing the video was very challenging (and frustrating) and probably took as long as building the shed. I used a GoPro Hero 4 and GoPro Studio. Thanks for watching!


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14 Replies to “Costco Oakridge 8 x 12 Storage Shed Full Timelapse”

  1. Awesome little shed and excellent video! I agree, upgrade floor support to 2"X 6" because you never know what your going to park in there! LOL. I was thinking about using concrete deck blocks for the base which still allows 5-6" above ground level…off to COSTCO we go!!!

    Thanks for posting!

  2. Looks like you made your own base around the supports? The kit I just ordered comes with a 2×4 one. Did yours or did you have to make your own? Yours looks amazing. 2×6?

  3. this was awesome to watch… i would have loved more of it. we would not have been bored 🙂 like how the doors were put together. great video. great job building the shed.

  4. Thank you. I just ordered this shed last night. How long did it take you to build it? I think I counted about 8-10 days or so. Is that about right?

  5. Thank you for the excellent video! Nice shed building and video editing. I will order this shed soon and wanted to upgrade the floor joists and panel like you have done. How deep did you bury those footers? Also, why footers instead of runners on ground level?

  6. Thanks for the video – I'm looking at this shed and you did a great job. It seems like you supplemented a lot of the lumber, if you had to do it over again, do you think you could use a DIY plan and raw materials, or did the kit help?

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