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  1. I bought the plans and built a 10 x 12 barn shed for ~$1700 with cement slab, Hardie Board siding, an 8' double door and a 32" side door, 2 lofts and an Ondura roof. The equivalent shed with wood base was $5800 at Home Depot.

  2. Nice but when you count the tools needed as well as storing those tools year-round for the next time you need them, maybe it comes out to about even.

    Things like miter saw, table saw, even cordless drills, etc can be several hundred dollars.

    However, if you have those tools already and are inclined to build one, this is a great video to show what you can do and for how much.

  3. Hey Buddy Great video! Sorry for all the bonehead comments people are leaving, you clearly did this as resource and put a substantial amount of time in it. Just because you can comment doesn't mean you should!

  4. Todays material at the big box stores for the kit for a 10×12 is around 1600.00 . Not counting paint,roofing or tax and delivery.So having said that i got one delivered and Completely finished and installed for 2K..One more thing this 68 yrs old is not building anymore,, i just ride the Harley that is parked in it…oh it came with a window to. I dont need no stinking material list !!

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