Completed ish Shed to House Tour 16×52 with 2nd Level

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An updated tour of our shed to house conversion. We bought this 16×52 premier portable buildings about one year ago and have been finishing it out since. We chose to increase the standard height as well as extend the loft across the whole building.

I apoligize for the shaky video! Having some issues with my Gopro Hero 4. Very sensitive… or im just shaky. Either way, my bad.

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20 Replies to “Completed ish Shed to House Tour 16×52 with 2nd Level”

  1. I don't know who the hell you thought was going to say you could buy a 3 bedroom home for 65k in America. Lol. Maybe a 100 year old home that needs major renovations in the middle of the ghetto.

  2. So spacious, especially upstairs. I could definitely live like this! We have five kids. I wonder if we could fit…

  3. You seem like a relaxed, easy going guy. Living out in the country is Awesome because you get to live at your own pace. We can tell that you are at peace with your life. God bless you and your family. Great job on the house!!!

  4. I have nothing but admiration for you and the multitude of others on YouTube that endeavor to live off the grid, build their own houses (earthbag shelters, log cabins, container homes, dome homes, spaceship earth homes, tiny/micro houses) and other alternative living arrangements. While you should welcome good advice for improving your hand/land, pay no heed to the critic and nay-sayers. You, your family, and others who are willing to do the hard work to do something different are to be applauded!

  5. That's fantastic, and all things considered, an amazing price to walk away with a self-sustaining home with premium hardware. I'm a big fan of turning a shed into a livable space. I build a 12X20 shed in my back yard, finished it off with insulation, drywall, electric, heat/cool, flooring, lighting, and installed a dividing wall with a door, so now it's two rooms of 10X12. One side is my office, which I work out of year round. The other side we mostly just store stuff in, but it can be used as a spare room if we get a visitor. The shell of the building was only $3,500. It cost an additional $1,500 to finish the building. So for $5K total I essentially added two full-size rooms to my home. I turned a 3 bedroom 2 bath into a 4 bedroom with an office for just a $5K upgrade fee :). I absolutely love my office.

    If anybody is looking to move into a bigger house, but doesn't want to pay a fortune for the extra space, I highly recommend going the shed route. It's way more affordable.

  6. I’m from the U.S. and I’m pretty damn proud of you young man!! You have done an awesome job so far but the only thing I might have done different is to go with taller walls upstairs.

    I know you said that to get the taller walls then they needed to build onsite and that would add an additional 5% to the overall invoice price but my question is, don’t you think that for roughly another $3k US, wouldn’t that be pretty cheap investment for the amount of extra headroom it would give upstairs? And that figure is if I heard everything correctly, my ears aren’t as good as they used to be, lol.

    I absolutely love everything you’ve done and if someone in the U.S. says you can get a better house on your land then they are full of shit brother, don’t even respond to em cause they don’t know what the frick they are talking about and are only bashing you cause they are jealous of your success. Keep killing it brother! I’m proud of you!!

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    God's people are not to live in debt, nor to enslave others with debt.

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