Complete Backyard Shed Build In 3 Minutes – iCreatables Shed Plans

We show you all the steps to build a garden shed in under 3 minutes. This fun video is made from our complete how to build a shed series.

We are the internets most comprehensive shed plan and shed building resource.

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WARNING: These projects can be dangerous, posing risks of personal injury, or property damage, and in some cases, death. There may be the possibly other risks of which I am not fully aware. Use of video content and or website information is at your own risk.

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20 Replies to “Complete Backyard Shed Build In 3 Minutes – iCreatables Shed Plans”

  1. I couldn't help but notice that you used regular lumber on the floor joists that are practically laying on the ground. I also noticed that you used o.s.b. on the flooring. I think that your building skills were great, however, i cant see the lower part of the shed lasting more than 5 years or less, depending on the amount of rain and ground water in the area you intend to build. My opinion is that the floor joist should be pressure treated and the flooring should have been pressure treated plywood. I believe if your gonna build something, then build it to last.

  2. For anyone who has never been on a roof before….please do not stand on any sheet of osb or plywood before it is nailed. It will be a quick trip to the ground floor.

  3. hardest part seems like the leveling ground, dont know if i have the patience for that part. the rest i will enjoy.

  4. Hell with that buy one that’s already built they have free delivery go to work come home and bazinga u have a shed

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