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Overlap Pressure Treated Sheds

If you are after a long lasting shed that is going to last for years, is packed full of security features and has been built to the highest quality standards then one of these in the new range of sheds is probably for you. This is an overlap pressure treated shed, it happens to be 8 by 6 but there is loads more in the range from a dinky little 4 by 3 shed to quite an impressive 8 by 12 for the serious DIYer.
Now, overlap let me go through that, all it is the cladding overlaps each other and that means that the rainwater can just run down it very easily keeping everything dry inside. It also means that it conflicts with the weather and the seasons and can get a little bit of movement. Each of the cladding square cut, its beautiful nice and sharp lines there to give a modern contemporary feel.
Right, now the pressure treated bit. That is where the preservative has been forced deep into the wood, under pressure meaning that you get a 15 year guarantee against rot. But what does that actually mean? It means that you don’t have to do anything for fifteen years; you don’t have to paint it you don’t have to stain it. When you start adding up; materials, brushes and your time, which can save you around 150 quid, that has got to be great when you’re considering buying a shed. Plus the colour of it this beautiful tonal green fits immediately into any garden situation. And once you have everything in your shed you want to make sure it stays nice and snug, so you have got a solid sheet roof plus you have got a covering of top quality sand felt. Now this one has got an apex roof but you can also get Reverse Apex and Pents as well within the range.
Now security is important when it comes to sheds, because when you start totting up the value of all your equipment in there it can add up to quite a lot of money, so you want to make sure that it is snug and secure. And these windows do a great job, now you can get two windows, one window or no windows at all depending on the model but if it has got a window it is made out of polycarbonate. It is unbreakable, it won’t discolour, it isn’t brittle, it is actually astronaut helmets the visors that are what they make the visors out of this stuff so it has got to be tough. Also the screws that fit into the frame of the shed they are one way screws so once they are in they’re not coming back out again.
Underpinning the whole shed are these pressure treated bearers 15 year guarantee against rot because you certainly don’t want to get in there painting and staining those. Depending on the model you choose you can have two doors or one door, this one has got the one and it can be hung on either side. Every door however is hung using these security hinges so when it is shut and padlocked you can’t get at them. And also it is a solid door, extra baton; extra support in a Z shape gives it real rigidity. Plate hasp and staple latch adds even more security as the fixings are hidden when the latch is closed and fitted with a suitable padlock.
And once you get inside the shed you find there is loads of usable space, there is actually six inches higher than most other sheds so you have got a lot of room to store things within the roof. When you see the frame itself it is using thicker than usual wood so the whole thing is really sturdy. And then there is the floor, I love the floor, it is boarded, its heavy duty it is going to take a lot of compost being thrown on there, you stamping in and out of it for years and lawnmowers being thrown in, that is going to last a long time.
Now for the finishing touches, smooth planed barge boards, beautiful, got a finial to stop you seeing any of the joins, making a really polished finish to the whole thing. Now the whole thing comes with a bag of all the bits and pieces that you need. So it will need two of you, a couple of hours and it really is easy to assemble, So, if you are after a long lasting shed that doesn’t need much maintenance, you want it to be quality built which it has, full of security features and is fantastic value for money. You don’t need to look much further than this one.

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