Build Rustic LOG Firewood SHED p2

Part 1… Now that the log columns have been installed its time to carve the two headers in place. The headers have a drastic taper to them. I designed it so the wider part of the logs would be placed at the center creating a seam, that seam rests on the middle column leg support. Now even though the horizontal header logs have a strong taper to them , using a level twine string to pull measurements from I managed to scribe them down on top of the log leg support where the highest point of the headers are perfectly level. In return it exaggerates the bottom giving it a “v” shaped illusion… Did I explain that right? Yeah, I like the end result. By the way this was my first attempt at using a chain saw to carve wood, it was quite fun.

PART 3. This is the next & final video of this build
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