Building your own 24'X24' garage and save money. Steps from concrete to framing.

Building your own 24'X24' garage and save money. Steps from concrete to framing.

Step by step pictures of me building a 24X24 garage. If you’re interested in building one yourself, check it out. Clip shows steps involving how to pour footings, walls, floors and framing. Installing trusses, etc. Just for the home builder. I also have “part 2′ online that shows a lot more detail than the original. Check it out if you’d like, and thanks for watching. Steve

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks to all the people who have watched and commented. I hope it helped with your own projects or gave you some ideas you could use. Steve

  2. Pour additional 4' on end for tool storage make end wall movable out next 4' for insulated storage. In cold climate would use 2x 6 myself. The option for accessory dwelling unit for rental in some areas free permit.

  3. So make a material list on spreadsheet your lumber yard can do a takeoff and updated price list monthly.
    Material description and part # and quantity. Wood nails roofing tubes etc a sub can do concrete estimate yards mesh rebar labor rate and hours base rate. Other regions do not have 4' freeze spec. Can build stem wall and pour slab a later date. Need option insulation power and water. Basic lights and outlets or machine shop or woodshop

  4. Random lengths gives wood prices. Pretty stock material list with sub for trusses garage doors. Usually labor and material 50/50. The profit margin is high. Own a bobcat dump truck and 20' trailer. Can train a crew in a week. Can precursor lumber package is have package delivered by supplies. The question 3 man labor crew. An arm on. Bobcat to stand walls. Supply concrete forms and gravel supply. A trailer or container for office tool storage. Paulk Mobil trailer

  5. How far did you space the studs for this? I was thinking of doing the same thing and was wondering if 24 inch studs would be okay?

  6. I asked a gentleman how much his new two-car garage cost. Hid reply $40,000. It did have a new 35 foot driveway, some extra depth for a small work shop and an electric wall unit for heating/cooling. He said he almost couldn't find a contractor willing to build it (Indianapolis, IN). Guess all the tradesmen retiring or passing away.

  7. I know this was posted a couple years ago but just saw it, awesome garage your a talented individual for sure. Enjoy your garage

  8. An excellent job of building. The biggest part of building any building is :
    1) take time and research every bit of the job,
    2) don't rush, buy quality material (NO OSB strandboard, even in rafter I-beams and especially not for roofing 4'x8' boards!) and,
    3.) have every bit of it that requires inspection inspected otherwise you'll have no insurance and when it does come time to sell the property you won't be able to sell it or will at pennies on the dollar. Even in the wilds of Alaska where you're outside city limits, if built properly buildings can easily last for a hundred years and by that time you WILL be within a city's limits.

    Again, an excellent building job. The only thing I wondered about was if you had to go so deep below the frost line, why not go an extra 4 feet and have a basement in it.

    Also, if you're indeed in an area that gets a fair share of snow why didn't you build your foundation up to at least 4 feet tall and why didn't you cover the exterior of the foundation with some waterproof tar-like compound? Water will be absorbed by the concrete and if you used any metal rebar, it'll rust, expand and bust your concrete over time.

  9. Not a good ides to build this garage with two overhead doors as you lose your sheer strength on this wall by not having enough sheathing in wall space besides a 30 by 30 gives you depth and width for fitting vehicles in comfortably

  10. I'm really having a very difficult time listening to this non stop use of the "Standard" term… Can I ask you why or who it was that told you a Garage was your Standard Garage Or your door is a standard door ? I can tell you Factually NO it's not in today's building materials do not come in "Standard" size you call Clopay and order a Basic Garage door . IN ANY SIZE YOU WANT can call Anderson Window and get ANY sized windows you want you can even call Kohler and get a bathroom in any shape look color you want ..So if you mean a Door is a like a standard door I'm sorry bro it's not ..and as far as your Standard Header I'm going to assume you mean Building Code right ? yes we have Building Codes that are regional but some basic's are the "Standard" ..I don't know what you do for a living so I'm also going to assume you didn't have to run out and purchase everything you needed to build this Garage I would be curious to know what you feel your time is worth but the responsibility of such a project is greatly increased when you say decide to install a 15 amp circuit for say lighting or Garage door opener maybe a work Bench these are all aspect not always considered so sure you can do it .. and if you really didn't have anything else planned for those weekends anyway well then your ahead of the game . But toss in a few rainy day's or work obligations and that "a few weeks ends job" is now August and it's still not done yet ..But hey go for it….

  11. I love DYI projects like this one that show home owners how easy it is to do it yourself if you have some experience building stuff and contracting what you don't know out. The best part of the video is that he did not have a finished picture at the end. Just makes me laugh… keep your audience always wanting more I guess lol. Excellent work!

  12. Nice job. These days, the engineers would have you putting Simpson shear walls at the corners of those garage doors. They would be anchored into the footings with threaded rods, the idea being to prevent the building from racking in high winds.

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