Building an Old Fashioned Firewood Shed – FULL BUILD

Building a firewood shed from home milled lumber and cedar logs.

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20 Replies to “Building an Old Fashioned Firewood Shed – FULL BUILD”

  1. I believe we had 84 inches of snow that winter. My neighbor watched me throw snow over the snow bank, but he couldn’t see me. The snow was to within a foot of the roof line. It’s a good thing I had a metal roof on the shed

  2. Now you have a wood shed to take the lad when he gets out of line. To all of the millennials..getting taken to the woodshed is an old school saying it means getting your butt busted when you mess don't get a trophy, but you do get to participate.

  3. Most folks your age have NO IDEA how folks provided for themselves and flourished by their own sweat and tears before everything way provided to them on a silver platter. Thumbs up for showing us that the idea of hard work, self sufficiency and using what you have to make a living is still alive in America. I'm trying to teach them how to cook without technology over on my channel. Some want to learn, others will starve when the power goes out!

  4. I built a similar shed in 2011 using white pine and post and beam construction. I put a off set roof on the shed because of high snow fall amounts in southern Maine. I built the shed in Raymond, Maine. It worked real nice keeping out the rain and snow from the firewood

  5. I would like to see a lot of these self proclaimed handy men that build decks notch ANY post that carries a load and bolt it to the house through at  rim joist using bolts, fender washers, lock washers and nuts!  Tighten until it squeaks and give it one more!  When you bolt a vertical post to a horizontal beam, the bolt becomes a splitting wedge with enough weight on it and people get hurt.  That saw blade trick works with vinyl and plastics too.  I wish I could head out and live a simpler life.  Great job!

  6. Nice hovel! 🙂 My husband wants to build one to store coal. (Using the archaic version of hovel; not the modern one. 🙂 )

  7. Well done video, glad to see you have some good help when needed also. Nice to see your family watching through the window too. Nicely done. 😁

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