Building an Arrow 8×10 Metal Storage Shed with Instructions and Review

This is a video showing the process of building an Arrow 8×10 metal storage shed. I needed a small workshop to do woodworking in, and decided to buy a metal shed. I wanted a wooden one, but after pricing out all of the lumber it was going to be over 0 instead of the 0 that I spent on this metal one. It is definitely not as comfortable as a wooden shed, but it will do for what I’m using it for.

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  1. Are the roof panels flush with the front and back gables or is there an overhang. If there is an overhang how much.

  2. Don't waste your money on these crappie sheds won't last also leaks from everywhere roof,sides,door.. I wasted my time and money

  3. Great Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (google it)? It is a great one off product for building better sheds and woodworking without the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my close friend Aubrey got great success with it.

  4. ”pepe amazing plan” ( ), is definitely a comprehensive plans book! By making use of this plan, I had been able to utilize words, drawings, real pictures and various diagrams. It`s really an informative product. I`m currently creating furniture along with my sibling and thanks to this product, I feel like helping him is possible.

  5. i just got mine. im using 12 pallets and 3 sheets of plywood for foundation and plastic wrap for moisture barrier, then 2x4s for an exoskeleton to strengthen the walls and roof

  6. I'm currently putting this together. This is the biggest shit sandwich I've ever ate. Everything is flimsy, holes don't line up, screws are too small, gables didn't come together, corners suck, wind knocks everything over…

  7. The shed which I bought the 8 by six is a giant puzzle piece of s**do not buy Arrow products they do not explain anything you need to be a qualified engineer to put this thing off repeat do not attempt this even by yourself or with another person things are not well laid out instructions lack meaning and direction build a wooden one I wish I would have it would only cost me a hundred and fifty instead of 208 piece of s**

  8. Man, my husband has this shed for about two weeks and it still isn’t together. I just had to help him put it together. It’s too damn 🔥 in SC to be messing with that damn shed. You did an awesome job! My baby will get together sometime soon….I 🙏.

  9. lol the 2 side beams need to attach to the roof you put them on the lower set of holes. raise them up and you wont end up with all those holes on the roof lmao

  10. Did I see some sort of cable placed horizontally between two concrete blocks on one of the still pics? What is it called, was that for, and how was it installed? Did you keep it there?

  11. What was the return policy at the place you bought it for the person who decides part way through the assembly that they bit off more than they can chew and can't possibly get everything back in the box and back to the store? (que up Twilight Zone theme song HERE).

  12. Why did you put insulation in it?

    Other comments I'm seeing on home improvement websites for this shed are that certain parts require two people. But you said in a comment that you had no help. What parts could they have been talking about? Any tricks I need to know to not need help? 'Product 'Review' comments by owners on the websites of the home improvement stores are claiming a day or two, even with just one person. I'm really doubting that.

    And no one commented as to whether or not the door handles even have holes to lock it up with a padlock. Can you? If not, the contents will get stolen. If they do, it looks like the handles are so cheap, any thief can just knock off the handles with a common nail hammer, with the padlock still intact. Agree?

    I never heard of metal silicon and couldn't really see it.

    How has this shed held up the last two years? I'm expecting the plastic underneath to disintegrate quickly. Is any growth from the ground putting pressure on the floor? Did it all die from lack of sun or direct rain? Did you use grass or weed killer before the plastic? If it got moved 3 ft due to a storm, I'd expect it needs tie downs of some sort. They always find ways for you to spend more money on extra stuff.

    I plan to put some heavy items in my shed and I just hope the metal floor rails don't bend or collapse over time, in between the blocks. I suspect the 5th and 6th blocks nearer the center will be critical to even have a chance at it holding up. I agree this shed is only temporary. We're lucky if they last 10 years.

    Thanks for the video. The gravel and 6 blocks really helped in the beginning, but I suspect that the gravel disappeared into the ground in no time. I put some cobblestone in my driveway and it just sank into the mud from driving on it.

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