Building a Traditional Log Cabin / 3 Years From First Log Till Finished

I’ve meet this guy when I was working on my treehouse and he asked me if I wanted to give him some help and advice as he wanted to build his log cabin and he has never done anything similar before, but neither had I. Of course I was happy with anything I could help and learn as building my own log house was a dream of mine at that time (3 years ago). I went there every now and then when I had time to help and film the process and now after 3 years the cabin is finished and I made this little video showing some of the work from start to the end and how the cabin looks now. It’s built using mostly natural resources, wood for all the framing and roof, sheep wool and straw for insulation, no electricity… We became friends and now I’m turning to him for advice and help with my log cabin build, that’s how the things go around, what you give you get…

Don’t confuse this with my log cabin building, it has nothing to do with it, this was all filmed few years ago way before I knew that now I will be building my log cabin, but I thought it’s a video worth sharing so I hope you’ll enjoy watching it.

Thanks for watching!

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A few drone clips by Leo Gamboc:

20 Replies to “Building a Traditional Log Cabin / 3 Years From First Log Till Finished”

  1. Wonderful! Maybe not exactly how I would done a few things but you got it done which is the point. Great job!!!!

  2. carefull with the heat coming from the pipe, specially at the corner, a friend of my got his house burn down in a second due to that mistake

  3. If you tried to build that where i live you would be tied up with council for years trying to get a DA. You would have to have every report under the sun. Plus u would never get insurance. Taken all the fun out of life

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