Building a Storage Loft in the New Shed!!

Building a Storage Loft in the New Shed!!

Today comrades we build a decent sized storage loft in the shed. Using 2×8’s to span the full width and resting them on partial studs allowed us to span the entire 12′ width with ease. tied it all together with some 3/4 plywood and Roberto’s your mothers brother! Wifey and I are happy with it so far and have a few more organization ideas in mind for the shed to come! thanks for watching everyone, leave us comments, we love reading them. and as always my friends- have nice day and DRINK MORE VODKAS!!!
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  1. That loft will hold up Christmas trees, vodka, four wheelers or anything else you find to put on it! Don’t call it overbuilt, just well built!

  2. I have a question comrade… what for is the telco/cable company bucket truck? You planning on on starting a Voice/Video/Data business too?

  3. [Late to the party as usual]
    Nicely done comrade! You actually ADDED a ton of strength to the shed w/those 2x8s and properly sent the load to the ground w/those 2×4 ‘jacks’. More than enough for Christmas crap! Молодцом!!
    Btw, ‘Friend-Works-a-Lot seemed like a pretty good pair of hands! Needs a little more practice w/the circular saw but, good enough.
    That loft looked like just the right size for a queen-size mattress…just sayin..could come in handy some day.

  4. What CAN'T you do? How much room did you free up in the garage? Your vodka tip is a good one, I work in a cabinet shop and using stops is the best way to make sure everyting is the same length.

  5. Over built is good. Being stingy is not good, dangerous and makes for loud noises, cursing and maybe hospital bills. I don't mind Russian voice. You will have a hard time swiping another one and maybe vodkas keep accent going, yah? And mower can be little tractor depending on what you do with it. Mine hauls wood with deck stored in shed when not mowing. Looks like little tractor to me. I don't mind silent either. I am not thumb flattener. I am diesel powered so anything I do with wood sinks into ground from own weight. Except firewood. Glad wifey is happy. No vodkas were used in my comment. Maybe in your loft!

  6. If it's worth doing, it's worth over-doing! Kinda like the amount of silent video… over-doing and such. That loft will hold pretty much anything you want to put on there! Nicely done, sir! Thanks for the video!

  7. Nice work comrade! I see you’re experienced in handling all types and size of wood😉! Loft came out great!

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