20 Replies to “Building a shed out of Green lumber direct from the forrest. A logging, sawing, and building video”

  1. love everthing I saw real work smart ideas just one thing (not complaining just a thought)
    why don,t you cut both ways ?

  2. After watching all the guys with fancy sawmills it was great to so much achieved with a much lower investment in machinery plus working smart. Would love to see the shed develop further and how you do it.

  3. I never knew you could use fresh cut lumber to build with. Always heard that they would warp as they dry. Where do you get the tool for lifting the logs. That is a great invention.

  4. I never would have considered making the walls from live edge boards in the board and batten style.
    Very nicely done.

  5. Hi Eric great video! Your sawmill setup, did you buy that or engineer it?? By far the best setup I've seen in quite alot of videos. Next year plan on building my own log cabin in NZ alot is going to be by myself n like your setup

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