Building a Shed on a Budget! (part 5) plywood time!

In this video we look at how to build a quality shed on a budget. This is only part four of what has been a great series that I’m excited to continue working on. In this video we look at part 5 of building a shed, framing the roof. While building a shed for under 0 sounds impossible, with enough thriftiness we should be able to pull in off! make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss part 4!

20 Replies to “Building a Shed on a Budget! (part 5) plywood time!”

  1. I have to say that that dog is on lazy dog I did not see it hang one peace of sheeting or drive one nail or even cut any thing what kind of lazy dog is that? and what are the building codes in your local area I'm not sure that your sheeting is up to code for heavy radiation and or heavy blast forces. I have been working in construction for ten plus years and I have had a lot of experience in rough framing and that is not any where near earth quake speck. but good video if not for all the things listed

  2. OSB for siding? In 2.5 years it will rot and you will have holes and frayed/chipped edges. The prophet has spoken.

  3. Nice work. I figured out why people don't like your music…it's because they are racist and it sounds too…😶

  4. I can see using scraps, when inbuilt my shed I used Hardee board since it was cheaper than T-111, but was a BITCH to work with, at the time didn't know they had special shears to cut it, needless to say, when I had to completely rebuild a wall on my dads shed I did use T-111, way easier to work with

  5. Bro your choking that hammer to death! Hold it more towards the end and you’ll drive those nails faster and easier.

  6. I haven't said anything up till now, but, if you are going to be working as a carpenter, you need to know this- there is a difference between OSB(oriented strand board) and plywood! If you confused them on the job you could end up in trouble!

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