Building a Shed on a budget! (Part 1 Materials and Planning)

In this video we look at how to build a quality shed on a budget. This is only part one of what should be a lengthy series that I’m very excited to start on. While building a shed for under 0 seems impossible with enough thriftyness we should be able to pull it off! make sure to subscribe for part 2!

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20 Replies to “Building a Shed on a budget! (Part 1 Materials and Planning)”

  1. A complete and comprehensive package [ Check Details Here=> ], I am so thrilled with what I've got in the package. I could use this for a very long time to come. This is the most complete manual I've ever seen Thank you Ryan.

  2. I live in a metropolotin area I have built recording studios in the past in basements & want to get into building sheds do you possible know any good recources for small land parcels? Less then a acre is what I am looking for to start building on if you have any good recourse or any one reading this please link it below!

  3. Dang, if only I had a truck. I have no vehicles that could haul any kind of lumber but I'm finding myself in need of a shed, AND I don't exactly have much money to work with. Guess I'm SOL.

  4. Speaking of scrap lumber being used…The issue lies in spending tons more time and tons more effort. Also where anyone tries to cheat the system of proper construction and materials, at best you end up with lack of integrity along with holes, cracks and seams in all the wrong places where the finished piece is not fully weatherproof in most cases. Once you get away from doing it the right way many problems arise. But mostly the one of ending up with a shed that is not weather proof and will not last as long. Unless you cover all these exterior cut pieces of ply with some type of outer skin. Good job and good effort. It is what it is. I'd say it is a step better than not having one for sure. I just constructed a 10 x 12 for $1500.00 The same shed built by tuff sheds would have ran about $4500.00×12-gambrel-style-shed/

  5. Great Video! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you researched – Mahorrla Wooden Paradise Method (should be on google have a look)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for building better sheds and woodworking minus the headache. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my friend Sam got astronomical results with it.

  6. To any criticism that i noticed on the comments of his video series. It's a shed people, not a million dollar mansion and the guy said he's not a professional carpenter? I would have made the roof an overhang to help with water run off and if your a DIY'er then there google to figure out how to make the roof trusses, gives you the calculations to follow. I'm pretty impressed on how you did all this on virtually no money. To put it into perspective where I live $250 would just about cover the cost of the nails 🙂

  7. A good source for free stuff is the local dump. U can get stuff for little or nothing from folks lined up on the way in. They h ave to pay to dump it so…. A $20. bill can get u alot of old windows or framing stuff,plywood scraps etc. I got several good Anderson windows that way. Also got some 3 by 4 foot birch plywood scraps. No idea what they were. I was lectured by the attendant that I weighed more going out than comin g inAlso got some granite pieces 3 by 5 feet @$10. each. Old culvert pieces I think.

  8. I'm in Charlotte, NC and just started doing general labor work at various construction sites around the city and you'd be surprised at how much GOOD material gets thrown away.

  9. Good video but I can’t concentrate on what you’re saying because your dogs are either all over the video or breathing all over the video !

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