Building a LEAN – TO – SHED

This is a Shed i custom built to order for a customer for storing fuel

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  1. Hi Ryan, just want to thank you for your woodwork plans [ Check Details Here=> ]I have tried several other plans and most times I get lost on what to do. This is the easiest and most simple plans ever.

  2. Hi im thinking about building this type of shed but different dimensions.will it hold up if i put 8×4×2mm for roof every 130cm?im aldo doing lay on dimensions are 4m wide 6m long.i am also thinking for 8×4×2mm for the wals also 130 cm from each you think it will hold?

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  5. Why truss was not placed to front side which will have more load than rear side? On the other hand, truss seems to be over kill as only weight of roof will be there, with even high winds will not be much. Don't get offended, just curious.

  6. Wow, this is terrific. If you haven’t, google Hyezmar’s book, it’s a very rough draft of a decent woodworking book that was to be published. Have a great day!

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