Building A Large Post Frame Garage Full Time-lapse Construction: NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE

I filmed this entire build series, about a year ago, and never had time to edit it into a full video series. We built our customers a 40x56x16 residential style post frame garage, and finished the interior to prep for a man cave. Take a watch, wait til the end, and tell me what you think about the black metal ceiling. I’ll be honest, there isn’t an easier, more cost effective way to build a large scale garage, than to use post frame construction. Let me know what you think, drop me a comment below, and hit the subscribe button, because we’ve got some great projects coming in 2019! I used my GoPro time-lapse setting on my Hero 5 Black for 90 percent of this video.


<Kyle Stumpenhorst – @rrbuildings>
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20 Replies to “Building A Large Post Frame Garage Full Time-lapse Construction: NEVER BEFORE SEEN FOOTAGE”

  1. Awesome job. Great craftsmanship and knowledge.
    I do have a question. Looking at the pole supports that were anchored in the concrete piers… would it add structural support if they were complete squres to fit the poles instead of two sided? Guessing thet end walls provide support for the side walls and vicea versa?

  2. I wish I could find someone as amazing in upstate NY for my newer planned pole barn. Awesome work as always.

  3. I like the work. I know its site specific, but is there a price range that this type of construction is? Hi from TX

  4. I want to build a pier and beam floor in my house, I want concrete columns no basement, I want to set those anchor brackets like you got into the columns but I think I want to build 3 or 4 ply beams out of probably 2x10s which I don't think will fit in that anchor bracket, how do I attach my beams to the anchor bracket? Should I put a short post in the bracket and set the beam on it and attach it? What kind of fasteners would I use?

  5. Amazing job looks really great 👍 I can’t wait to see the end project if you upload another part 2 video.

    Thank You for sharing

    IL. USA 🇺🇸

  6. why a floating slab, rather than a foundation that the building sits on? Is this a more cost effective solution?

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