Building a Garbage Can Enclosure – Part 2

Building a Garbage Can Enclosure - Part 2

Click here for the plans:
If you missed Part 1 you can find it here:
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Things I Used in This Project:
Triton Drills:
Miter Saw:
Saw Horses:
Triton Multi Stand:
Triton Workcentre:
Table Saw Attachment:
Push Blocks:
Gas Shocks:
Triton Circular Saw:
Gate Hinges:
Lid Hinges:
Cane Bolt:
Gate Latch:
Hook and Eye Latch:
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20 Replies to “Building a Garbage Can Enclosure – Part 2”

  1. Great video I m trying to get the led light , but something wrong maybe you can give me some information on it .

  2. Is that pressure treated wood, I didn't see you treat the wood, that shed looks like its going to last 5 years or so, otherwise its good.

  3. Nice work! My idea was to elevate a platform for the trash cans. My can storage is in an alley and when they plow they cover my cans. This storm brought a thick layer of ice with snow cover. When they plowed the alley they made huge snowman like snow balls. You cannot shovel this stuff, it has to be removed by hand. My idea would be to elevate the trash can platform like three feet so they could reach the cans in storms like this.

  4. As I don't generally read the other comments prior to posting my own, I thought I would suggest a kick stand of sorts a hinged board to use to hold the outer enclosures lid open while you access the trash cans inside.. Looks amazing and you always Impress me April – Great job. have a Great dane 🙂 he he

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